Thursday, April 25, 2013

"By what authority?"

  This is a question, that was ask of Christ Jesus, aka Immanuel. Followers knew the prophecy of Christ, and that He was on a mission. Those planted [Tares] by the Enemy, constantly challenged, confronted, and eventually murdered Christ.
  Christ continuously refered to the oposition as "Hypocrites"; in which they were then, and know. Hypocrite: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion. It comes from the Greek word Hypocrisy, which is an actor/stage player, a dissembler, pretender.
These  snake eggs were play acting, and Christ Jesus called them out; but it is up to us to recognize them today.
  Those that oposed Christ represented then, and now, the world. The world is a ghetto - no matter what it looks like. Christ represented the Kingdom of Heaven. He produced good fruit and expects the same from His followers[Matt.7:17-]. He informs us on how to expose hypocrites for ourselves = look at the fruit that it bares. Ephes.5, Gal.5:22-24, speaks of the fruit of the Spirit.
  Blind leaders of the blind pretend to follow Mosaic Law, but do Not; play actors. In secret they follow their father's law-which represents the world. They violate the Ten Commandments, yet pretend to be Holy and Righteous. Their fruits are war, coveteousness, murder, idol worship, hatred of neighbors, etc.
  By what authority is the world flooded with violence, debt, sexual immorality, and pride? Who can authorize the death of hundreds of millions of babies. Christ came to Save the world and drew a very large line in the sand between the two kingdoms. Immanuel was not recognized, or acknowedged by the world; God in the flesh was flat out rejected.

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