Friday, April 19, 2013

->Conspiracy Vs. History <-.

  A recent "search"for definitions shows that Christians are classed as radicals and terrorist, in America. When legitimate intelligent conversations about the Global Agenda, and how it is currently being carried out, the word conspiracy comes up. If that does not shut the conversation down, then racism or anti-....... follows.
  All that are born in this earth age are on a mission; we must choose our Fathers, and serve Him. The Great I Am is jealous, and idol worship will cost the offenders. He warned us to steer clear of the world and its king. Deception is widespread, but so is the Truth. And the clock is ticking.
  The Word of the Lord [YHVH] is True, and Real. It is just as relevant today as 6,000 yrs. ago. The Lord has a plan; Satan has a plot. A part of little g's plot is to have the world worship him. He will return to earth and convince many that he is the anointed saviour-when the time is right.
  Central Bankers control the Dictators of the world. Their agenda is to finance the Global Agenda, and prepare the world to receive its king. We are living out prophecy. We must stop taking worldly sides, for it is all one. One of the first political parties in the U.S. was Democrat-Republican; this is not a miss-print; it was one party.
  An infamous person stated that a big lie told often, and loud, would become truth. Look at who has control of the mic, and print? Messengers of Satan. They have control over the politics,economics,education,and religion. They immediately attempt to shut those down who disagree with them. History doesn't lie. The image of Daniel 2 mentions a kingdom of iron; The industrial evolution begin in the late 1700-1840 with iron. Followers should sharpen their pencil,sit up straight, and pay close attention.

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  1. Enough time has elapsed that we should clearly see the plot of Satan and his seed. People lie and deceive; History can do neither. History is also the compass that shows where one has been,and headed too.