Saturday, April 13, 2013

God's Supply Room.

  The Word teaches us, that God [El-o-heem] will supply, all of our needs. For those in the Missionary fields have different needs than those that are just floating through life. Those, advancing the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth need special equipment.
  The word "Holy" in front of Bible [Book], set it apart from other books. The "Holy" means; Spiritually inspired. Understanding, from God, is required.
Life changes once we have a revelation, of Who Christ Jesus is. He being Immanuel [El-o-heem], and the One Whom spoke everything, into existence[John1:1,2]. This same One left His Spirit, with us.
  Then we have Heavenly Messengers that we call Angels. They refer to themselves as Fellow-Servants. God knows our every thought; Angels do not know what we are thinking - they go and move by what we say. Our words-should be God's Words, and have P o w e r !
  The Gospel Armour is to be applied everyday. King Saul attempted to place his Armour on David in 1Sam.17:38,39 to fight against a giant that happen to be a professional warrior. David refused the gear stating it was un-proven. David had confidence in the Lord, and his sling - both had been proven.
  Right now in 2013, we are towards the end of the 5th. kingdom of Daniel 2. This is the "fig tree generation". In the Book of Revelation, there will be 6 Viles, 6 Seals, and 6 Trumps; The Gospel Armour in Ephes. 6 consist of 6 items that will deal with the 666. Ephes. 6:11, God supplies the whole Armour to deal with the wiles of the Devil and his Children. Ephes. 6:13 is for a specific day. Both requires a stance/stand.

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  1. Armour:article,vessel,implement,utensil.Implement of hunting,or war. The Lord plus 1 = a majority. All of the Armour is Not for defense,or to be a punching bag for the world. The wealth of the wicked is in storage;that is all you need to know.