Friday, April 5, 2013

Idol Worship, 2013.

  The Lord's [YHVH] Passover ended at sundown yesterday evening. Now I can speak of the world, and its celebration. To quickly summarize the Word of the Lord, both Written, and Spoken; it would be "worship - in Spirit and Truth." All other worship is to idols.
  This past week while traveling on I-75, in South Ga. near the Fl. line, I saw a plate size turtle that had crossed two lanes, with two lanes to go before reaching the median - wall. If it safely made the other two lanes of traffic, it would face a wall approximately five feet high. The end result was fairly predictable; but such is life. People often are misguided, or as near sighted as this turtle.
  King Solomon was a wise man, because of the Lord. 1Kings11,explains His error[1]. He ignored the Lord, and the Lord's second warning concerning idols. Many ministers highlight the 1,000 women in His life, but miss the point of who those women were. In speaking of King David's short-comings they also miss the fact that David never, ever was involved in idol worship.
  1Kings11:5 mentions Ash'to-reth, the goddess of Zi-do'ni-ans. She is the fertility goddess, the queen of heaven. She is also mentioned in; Judg.2:13, 1Sam.7:3, 1Kings11:1, Jer.7:17-18, and other places in the King James Bible. She has several names including, Ishtar, and Ea star. Bunnies, and Chicks reproduce quickly and are symbols of fertility. Of old it involved murder, and sexual orgies.
  I find it interesting that the last four letters in Ashtoroth have been seen before: Cain's countenance[Gen.4:5], and others places in the world. We are admonished to avoid, even the appearance of evil. Some things in life can Not be mixed, Olives from a Fig Tree is one example. Idol worship leads to the Tree of Knowledge, which is the name of Death/the Satan - just as the results with the turtle, the end is fairly predictable.

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  1. Hor worship is our Righteous works. It is the only thing that can transition from time, into eternity.