Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mile Markers.

  Daniel 2 explains a great image, beginning with a head of gold; the head of gold was the kingdom of Neb-u-chad-nez'zar. There are a total of seven[7] kingdoms mention - which is exactly what the Book of Revelation states[2nd. witness].
We can travel through history in a matter of minutes, and see the Silver kingdom, the Brass kingdom, the Iron kingdom[industrial evolution], and the Iron and Clay kingdom that we are currently in.
  The industrial period was based on Iron; ships, trains, equipment, machines. When I think of Iron and Clay, the Twin Towers of N.Y. come to mind - burning and falling. We also see other instances of great buildings falling around the world as a result of earthquakes. These are visuals of Iron and Clay[bricks].
  The Four Horns of Zechariah are 4 dynasties/kingdoms; they are one. They have been permitted to control Economies, Politics, Education, and Religion.
Take one guess at who is financing the largest bricks/buildings in the cities around the world? The state controls the miss-education of the young and young adults. The older people are baby-sat by t-v, which has become the "messengers of Satan." Politicians must sing and dance a certain way to get financing to run, or stay in office.
  Many Religious leaders are doing exactly what Christ Jesus stated in Matt.24,Luke 21, and Mark 13. The hate Christ Jesus - that is what idol worship result in. Others in the ministry have chosen to become political correct and "luke warm." Worship of the santachrist of prosperity has lead to submitting to Horn in charge of Economics and "Star"worship.
  When traveling in the interstate of life, there should be Mile Markers to let us know where we are;the military calls it, situational awareness. We can go through and check of the list of kingdoms and realize that we are at the end of the Fifth[5th.] kingdom. Christ Jesus will strike a weak and fragile kingdom of Iron/Clay = Christ is in Charge.

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