Monday, April 29, 2013


  Silver is considered to be the money, of the ages. It's history is documented for 6 thousand yrs. Gold was kept in storage for large purchases, but Silver was used for everyday commerce. Silver as the money of choice was due to several natural characteristics; it is portable, divisible, internationally recognizable, indestructible, and precious*.
  There is but one Kingdom, that will last forever; all others will rise, debase their money, then eventually fall. Looking backwards, one can clearly see the doctrine of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil at work in kingdoms. Deception,seduction,lying,pride,greed,and worship. Look for the smelly fingerprints. This same Tree fathered Cain, whom the Lord "marked" for us to identify, and leave alone.
  Silver has proven to be an enemy of the followers of Satan. The only thing they can do is steal it. Over the years the kings would require the precious metal coins to be turned in for various reasons; when they were re-introduced, the percent of precious metal content had decreased. The free markets should dictate the price of Silver - through supply, and demand.
  When kingdoms get involved, they desire to "set" or fix the prices. To go after gold, the enemy must first attack Silver. In the real world gold and Silver work well together. Silver should be required, to purchase gold. The ratio should be between 13-to16 -[oz Silver], to 1[oz gold].
  Approximately 80% of the Silver mined is used for industrial purposes. Ten percent for jewelry, and ten percent for coins. Silver represents the middle class, good for money and a storage for labor. Since 1973 in America, the middle class continues to shrink;this coincides with the debasement of Silver[1965] and the gold standard of 1973. The Peoples money was confiscated/stolen in 1933 for the Unfederal Reserves. When the U.S.Mint can Not get silver for the Eagles - they stop production; This can Not be done with paper money, because of the double-theft;#1. creating inflation, and repayment on paper created out of air.

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  1. The Antichrist System is upon us;store wealth in whats real.