Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Test, yes; Temp, no.

  Flip Wilson had a skit, with the punch line of  "the devil made me do it." Often times our Creator is blamed for temptation that He had absolutely nothing to do with. The Lord does, however test or prove people, and spirits. No one, spirit, or angel can get close to the Father, without being tested. That is the purpose of this earth age - testing.
  The fire refines; the name of the fire, is trouble. Christ stated that "in this life we would have trails, and tribulation" = this is being tested, with trouble. It proves our love#1. It brings out our anointinting, and gifts#2. The fire separates the spirit, from the flesh#3.
  Let us Not run from the fire - we are to run from temptation. Christ is always near as we go through the fire; it is very important that we not complain while going through it. It was once said that there are three positions; in the fire, just came out, or getting ready to go into the fire.
  Temptation comes from The Devil. The Word states that we are to control, even our minds. We are admonished what we should meditate on, and study to shew ourselves approved. Rom.8:5-9 speaks of the flesh, carnally minded is death, carnal mind is enmity against God, the flesh can not please God, But ye are not of the flesh.
  James 1:13-15 deals with temptation: People are Tempted because of individual Lust, and Enticed; when Lust is Conceived, it brings fourth Sin. When Sin is finished, brings fourth Death. This Death, is one of The Devil's names. The spirit of Elijah requires us to decide, Whom we will love/serve.
James1:16 says Do not err, my beloved brethren. In 2013 this means, don't get it twisted. The test or temptation, is Life, or Death.

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