Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Application."

  It is dangerous to fight fire, with fire. One must be quite knowledgeably, take heed, and know the possibilities. Prov. ask the question; can a man take fire into his own bosom, without being burned? Such is life, when we reject our Creator[1Sam.8].
  The U.S.Constitution is a great document-the men involved, not so much. But they were wise enough to know that God[Elohim] was required to have a Republic form of government. They then, and We now, need God in the "application" of the Constitution, Vs. speeches. America started walking sideways when Congress became infected by people following "another god". They transferred the People's authority to the Executive Branch[Dictatorship].
  The slave business in America was wrong. For Lincoln to suspend the Constitution was wrong. He violated the Constitution to hold the state together.  He and Congress declared war against American Citizens, for malicious reasons. They used fire, to fight fire.
  We see from before Lincoln until the present, that hypocrites will use the U.S.Constitution, and the Word of God as a Standard for others-but not themselves. We the People must look past cute and cuddly names, and look at how things are applied. In a Republic form of govt., the Executive Branch has approximately 2% of the power-and 0% of the authority to make laws.
  Dictatorships seize private property, and control private business; this is through regulation or controlling interest in stock, IE. G.M.C., A.I.G....Other businesses with a global agenda fall in line and assist Dictators - and benefit from that relationship in several ways. Repub. or Dem. matters not, because it is one system.

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  1. 1Sam.8, the Rejection of the Lord is too expensive.
    1Sam.12:17, the Spokesman for the Lord calls the rejection wicked.
    Repentence is required.Then stop supporting the wicked system.