Monday, April 1, 2013

The Mouth.

People have a mouth for good reasons. It is home to the tongue, which is one of five senses. It assist in speaking, life or death. It helps with the intake of nutrition, and air. Hopefully the food and air edifies the body, and the brain. The mouth should not, be the entrance, to a septic system.
  James 1:26 concerns controlling the tongue-it is difficult,but necessary. Is.53:7 served as a reminder and a wake up call to many, during the trail of Christ; He was the perfect Lamb, without spot, or blemish. Yet He controlled His tongue, during the illegal trail.
  Non-verbal communication is fine between man, and our Creator-He reads minds, and knows them. Satan, and other angels can not. That is why we speak to them. Silence is not necessarily, agreement. A simple rebuke should suffice[Jude1:9]. Romans 1:21-32 list some serious sins. It ends with those also who have "pleasure"[consent] will receive the same punishment.
  Some ignorant males continue in the miss-teachings of women, should not be allowed to speak in the church; I wonder how many men are familiar with "Study to be quiet, and work with your own hands",by the same writer.
  The Spirit of Jehovah usually speaks to my spirit, when I am still, and quiet; that includes mouth and mind. Study is to strive for, or practice. It is difficult to touch,taste,smell,see,talk, and listen, at the same time. Some might be able to do it, but not me. I listen better with my mouth shut. The mouth has a purpose. We must be careful and aware of our five senses-they all are connected to our brain,soul,spirit. What goes in, will eventually, come out the mouth.

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