Sunday, April 7, 2013

"What do you see?"

  This was the question ask by Christ, in the process of healing a blind man [Mk.8:22-25]. The first response was; i see men as trees, walking. This question and healing would be quite relevant in 2013. I continue to read that Homeland Security, the U.S.Military and other agencies are classifying the "right", and Bible believers as extremist, or terrorist.
  We are living in a time of great deception. Where is it? The world[Satan's domain] is full of deception, to the extent that some believers are unable to discern fact from fiction. Matt.24,Mark13, and Luke21, are alive and on-going.
  The world is divided by two, or half. The kingdom of Heaven, on earth[Rom12:2]. And the world that Satan and His Seed[Kenites]controls. Those inside the world can't see what is going on - no matter how wise or spiritual they pretend to be. It is difficult to see the trees, for the forest.
  The wicked "figs"of Jer.24 have been giving permission, to be in charge; it is prophecy and it is their season. Those that speak highly of the world, on a regular basis, are "messenger's of Satan[2Cor.12:7-10] and will continue to isolate Believers.
  Many of our leaders have taken a secret oath, but our Father knows about it[Eccl.12:14,Psalm44:21,Luke8:17]. Another group have bitten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which was to open eyes[to the world] but closes them to the Kingdom. We were warned of being hated, and becoming an enemy. Eyes open - take a stand - God's Grace was sufficient for Apostle Paul, and Us.

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  1. What do i see? Look up the definition of Fascism/Dictatorship.Then study 1 Sam.8 concerning "our own king." Look at the details of the American Civil War-the citizens became enemies of the state.Lincoln stepped on the Constitution,for Socialism.The Unfederal Reserves,IRS,EPA,HHS,and more, are apart of the Executive Branch = which is a Dictatorship.People,religion,and busines,are subjects-of the state.