Monday, May 13, 2013

Chicken Little !

  There was a story of a chick that was hit by a falling acorn, that pronounced the sky was falling. This is what is referred to as the chicken little syndrom. It is important to look at just who is pushing this doctrine.
  The History Channel features specials that answer questions about the Bible; or explanations of who Christ was. There are also simular programs on the Military Channel. The end result - more questions, than answers. These are two of several t.v. programs.
There are books all over the www, and book stores explaining all of the speedbumps as crisis that could be the doom predicted - mainly from Non-Believers.
  The real Word of the Lord [YHVH] is True and Real. Someone ask "if a tree falls in the forest, and there are no people present, does it make a sound? The Whole Word of the Lord is moving, flowing, and unfolding; regardless of people hearing It, or not.
  Missteachers, using copyrighted bibles, teach that certain people will get exemptions, or will not be on earth for the trouble. They should pinch themselves to check for feeling? They are here. The 5th. kingdom of Dan.2 is about to end. Trumps, Viles, and Seals are underway, regardless of people hearing them, or not.
  Lev.26:36 speaks of a rebellious people that are "chased by the sound of falling leaves". They are consummed - by fear, Vs. repenting and living a Rightstanding lifestyle. Man; No Man, can give peace. Peace comes from our Creator; the same One that spoke everything into existance, repaid our death sentence. He would love to have a Father child Relationship, and for us to stop listening to people who are afraid of their own shadow. 

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