Friday, May 3, 2013


  Christ washing feet demonstrated service and humility. The feet are important for walking which was a primary mode of transportation; but not required for taking a stand.
Jer.17:5 states that if we put our trust/faith in man, that we would be disappointed - Stand for the Lord our God.
  Joel 2 speaks of the four phases of the Locust army. All four are consumers. What one leaves, the next will destroy. Rev.9:3-5 speaks of Locust with Scorpion's power. These are people, that will shock or paralyze their victims; the victims will not have a clue as to what is happening, and will not know what to do. Scorpions are a symbol, because they paralyze their victims.
  Joel 2:25 Eloheem states "My great army which I sent among you." These destroying men [Rev.9:5] are on assignment; the followers of Christ that know the Truth, are untouchable. People should know the Truth, and take a stance for Christ, and against the wicked system.
  More and more churches are teaching that Christ will return, soon. They should teach that the Santachrist is coming f i r s t. If one rubs raw garlic on the souls of feet, the garlic can be tasted inside the mouth within minutes. Our mouth and feet are connected. A diet of mess and our feet reacts accordingly. Or stand bare foot inside a chicken coop.....
  Where, and What we are standing on will eventually come out of our mouth. What is the primary thing[person, place,or thing] that we talk about? Then acknowedge the feet, because there, is the stand.

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  1. Luke 10:19 Christ states "We have the power to handle scorpions."