Friday, May 31, 2013

"Make us a king".

  The Children of Jacob/Is'rael, came out of 400 yrs of bondage, and immediately demands a king of gold - an idol. In 1Samuel 8 the process repeats itself; the leaders demand of Samuel the Prophet, Make us a king to judge us like all the nations. Just after fighting the American Revolutionary war, against an oppressive king of England, the leaders in America, made a serious attempt at making George Washington, a king.
  There are a few people in life, that support total chaos[anarchy]. That goes against everything being done "decently and orderly". Someone has to be responsible and accountable.
There are a few of the Serpent Seed on the earth that must be in charge; especially over religion,politics,finance,and education. That move is toward the N.W.O.
  In most places around the world where people vote and there are politics involved, they don't realize it but there is but one party. There are double taxes or excessive taxes involved. The king takes private property, and he is in charge of private businesses. The king has a private military to fight for expansion of land, natural resources, or to spread credit/debt currency.
These kings are Dictators, just as described in 1Sam.8 - And Samuel declared it wicked.
  King Solomon states in Proverbs, "look to the ant". These little fellas know what should be done, and they work while its day light to get it done. They apply "a time and season for everything". Those that desire a king are quite the opposite of the ant.
  We sadly continue to ask for our own king. It matters not the political party, we just demand the pick. What we end up doing is picking the best of a bad bunch. The choices, have been chosen for us. Political parties are of the "State", and it is one. The Lord's operators Manuel explains who to pick leaders. Whenever we attempt or request our own king, this is a "rejection of the Lord"and is "wickedness".

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