Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  Most like to buy and sell; but they themselves would not like to be bought, or sold. 2Peter 2:3 advises us that there are greedy, evil people, that will make merchandise of others. The word merchandise was used in Jn.2:16 concerning the house of worship. Rev.18:11 speaks of the end of buying their merchandise.
  Merchandise: to bind sheaves together. to manipulate, deal tyrannically with. to treat as a slave.
The word was first used in Deut.21:14, but history takes it back to the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. As a result of what took place in the Garden, Eloheem's judgement was enmity between Satan's seed and the Woman's seed.
  Knowledge applied, is the defence against being played for a fool. The misinformed are fools. Where is the wicked seed in 2013? Look for those that knowingly break the Rules of our Creator. Liv.19:35,36 - Just balances and weights. Look around the world at "fixed" prices for gold and silver. The free market should decide this based of supply and demand. The Word admonishes us to stay away from debt; look at who benefits from debt.
  Jesus caution "Take heed lest no man deceive you". This to be careful of deception - by man. These men are the Seeds that are our enemies period. They are the "blind leaders of the blind". When men point to another man for deliverance, it is a trap.
  Central Banks and the bankers operate a Babylonian System that is based on theft, usury, and debt; it is MARKED for you to see. This is the fig tree generation. Continue to look for others that share the same MARK and watch the scales to insure that we are not on the balance as merchandise.

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