Thursday, May 16, 2013

New wine, into Old bottles?

  Immanuel came to satisfy our death penalty and defeat Death, which is Satan. Satan's Temple had to go, and Christ had to clean up and raise up, a new Temple system. The forerunner of Christ, John, taught REPENTANCE. All of the followers of Christ are taught to teach the same; this is the cleansing of the New temple so that God and man can abide, and have a Right-standing relationship  together.
  A legalistic Religion had taken over the Temple and Christ exposed it for what it was. He called them Hypocrites. Paul in Gal.5 advises us not to get involved with that system of bondage. Christ made mention of "grapes of thorns and figs from thistle"; which means some things, do not mix. Daniel 2:33 is another example of two substances that will not mix. This Clay is the Line by which Christ came - going all the way back to the Formation of clay, into the man Adam.
  New wine goes through a process from grapes, into a juice, then a fermentation process. When the New wine is poured into bottles that were of goat skins, it was continuing to ferment; fermentation stretches the skin to its limit and the skin's ability to contract and stretch again has been lost.
Through the process, New wine has become Old wine; but so has the container.
  An individual, family, business, church, or govt. that has gone astray[idol worship], must clean house before attempting to pick up the pieces. That what Repentance is about; acknowledging and asking forgiveness, and heading in the correct direction. Either we do it, or eventually the person,place,or thing, collapses.
  Light and Darkness? They do not mix. The New wine represents the Holy Spirit, and the parable also applies to life. Christ through the Holy Spirit Re-deems: He is the only One that can do it. A New creature in Christ. Luke 6:38, "But New wine must be put into New bottles: both are preserved".

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