Friday, May 10, 2013

Operating Within.

  The Good News of the Gospel is that Christ defeated death; which means that our death sentence, from the Garden, was paid in full. The other Good News is Christ demonstrated to us, how to operate within a Dictatorship. A little leaven goes a long way - good or bad.
  During Christ time on earth, in the flesh, the Roman Empire controlled possibly 1/2 of the world. The Dictator's title was Caesar. Then it broke down to Governors, and smaller lesser positions. Christ dealt mainly with the man made religious leaders; the Pharisees, Scribes, and Priest, etc.. He exposed them for You and I.
  Eventually the Religious crew realize that they could not handle Christ, so they attempted to provoke a response through politics; that's what the issue of it being "lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not." Matt.22:17-21 is the meat of how to deal within a Dictatorship.
  Test of a Dictatorship: high or double tax. govt. controls the private sector - through regulations, govt. contracts, supply and demand, or profits. They control private ownership of property. The private citizen in Christ day owned weapons; even some of the Disciples.
  There will only be one Kingdom that will last. Followers of Christ really should grab hold to that fact. All others are built on sand. In Leviticus God warned several times that the people should follow His Rules and prosper, or follow idols and be vomited off the land, just as the wicked are being ejected before them. Lev.26:10 speaks of the "old store". This is rotating the stock. Live off the old, because new is coming in.

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  1. Eccles. speaks of casting bread upon the water;Some of our families over time has done this. Some of our family members have paid a tithes for decendants.Rotating the stock can be a year or generational.It is time to eat of the old - for our benefit, as well as for the world to see.