Sunday, May 5, 2013

Problems Vs. Opportunities.

  The world creates problems that it has answers to, which is in line with it's plan.
Christ allows problems to refine us as gold, to burn off the worldly impurities.
Christ's way - few problems; the few, we can handle. Reject Christ - many problems, and many that we can Not handle.
  Christ stated in Matt.9:37 "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few." Matt.9:36 gives a report and status of what Christ saw to make such a statement; The Word states that the Creator of the Universe, was move with compassion.
  The world is the field [Matt.13:30] the good seed are children of the Kingdom. We are here on assignment. The crisis was prophecy, and now reality. The same circumstance that moved Christ to compassion, exist today. There are many sheep in the world that are afraid and scattered abroad without a shepherd.
  Christ never intended for people to be sitting ducks on the rails in front of the world train. Some believe that they have only two choices; get on the love train, or be run over by it. The love train is the one world system that is owned,operated by the Fake-Christ. Christ stated "I've told you everything", and "It is finished"; no question marks or guess work required.
  "The workers are few" is an opportunity. Work shows ownership.There is Quite a difference between work and and job. There are many that are on a job that are unemployed. People fainting, scattered, and a lack of peace is the way of the world. These are opportunities for the workers.

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