Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To my Nephew.

  Heading off to school. As parents and family members, we wish for more time to prepare for this day. There is so much more to say, and teach. After sending three children off to college, here is a list of what I will say to future college bound family members.
  #1. Stay focus.
  #2. Remember that you are are a wonderful and unique individual; with finger prints and D.N.A that is unlike billions of others on the earth.
  #3. You are to be a thermostat[set the temp], and not a thermometer[reads the temp].
  #4. You are Not the victim of anything, or anyone.
  #5. Life is a team sport - improve those around you.
  #6. "You can do all things through Christ";Christ is the Standard - run it by Him for approval.
  #7. Pride is what caused the ejection of Satan, from Heaven; Humbleness will get You elevated, into Heaven.
  #8. Christ did Not give You a spirit of fear; acknowledge fear, but do Not respect it. "Fear Not" is written a least 66 times in the King James Bible - God was serious.
  #9. You are a free man - walk it out.
The above should be spoken as necessary, then say Amen. Have faith in the Lord [YHVH] that family members are lifting You and parents up before the Lord in prayer. We are pulling and cheering for Your success in Christ Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. The words of Wisdom,belongs to anyone that is bold enough to read,and apply to their lives. Pass it on.