Friday, June 14, 2013

"America is broke".

  Recently a wicked abortion doctor was convicted, and much of what he was paid to do to women and babies has come to light. There are many others in America, being paid to do the same all across the land that is founded on Christian principles. I read an article yesterday; this M.D. explains that a deadly abortion injection was compared to a flue shot, or vaccine. This madness compares to Hitler, Mao, Stalling, etc..
  Financially, America is broke. 100 yrs ago the bankstas set up a monopoly called the Federal Reserves[not federal,doubtful reserves], and it's collection agency, the International Revenue System. Not only did America become Fascist, but the Monopoly Men helped to set up Fascism all around the world. We are called the great Satan for a reason.
  The world is divided by two; The Tree of Life, which represents the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And the Tree of Knowledge of Good, and evil, which has been allowed to control the world. The world is controlled through politics, economics, education, and religion. This is the headquarters for Satan's children. All that they touch is of or for the "state", and debt based, to finance the "state".
  The kings must surround themselves with Magicians[judges/lawgivers] and Sorcerers[spell givers/M.D.s], to control the masses.Rev.21:18, and Rev.22:15-Sorcerer: from Greek, Phamakeus = a drug, spell giving potion, a druggist. The listed Scripture explains their end.
  America is broke, and it was by design. When people are deceived into rejecting the Lord, they are automatically put into the world, ruled by the Lil g [ god/govt.]. It only gets worse for this group and they have no desire to turn around,or Repent. The witchcraft, Magicians, and Sorcerers operating in darkness, quickly manifest into immorality, then debased money.
There is No safe landing spot for the world.

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  1. Remember the Sabath Day, and keep it Holy. The Book of Hebrews explains that Christ Jesus, became our Sabath,which is rest.The rest is in Christ, who is "Lord of the Sabath;and King of the Kingdom of Heaven, on EARTH. The Kingdom[Rom.12:2] is between our ears. "In my Father's house are many mansions".