Saturday, June 8, 2013


  -Christian is actually a hyphen that the world puts in the blank, then hyphenate to make the two words into one word. It is a slick trick, from the Tree of Knowledge, that many Christians never pause to consider. Christ came to destroy Death, which is  Satan, Himself.
  A hyphen is a punctuation mark to join words; the use is called hyphenation. The term derives from Ancient Greek = "in one"[literally], "under one". A -Christian never existed. It is of the "Traditions of men" which worships Idols. Immanuel exposed the hypocrites for who they truly were, and are today.
  A common hyphenated word is "Judeo-Christian". These two words are diametrically opposed to each other, and have two different Fathers. Christ ask if grapes can be gathered from thorns or thistle? A part of Adam's correction was thorns and thistles[Gen3:18]. Is.32:13 is a great lesson; the Land flowing with milk and honey has stopped, and today is covered in thorns and Christians, can Not tell the difference.
  Thorn was used by Christ quite often in parables: one is a sower sowing seeds[Matt.13:7]. When Christ was hung on the cross, soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and placed on His head. Thorns should be easily recognizable, and left alone - they can inflict pain or injure if common horse sense is not applied.
  Christ stated to His followers "If you love Me, keep My Commandments". Apostle John in 1Jn.2:3 states a test; If we claim to know Christ? Keep His Commandments. He also states in 1Jn.4:2 to test spirits; if they will Not confess that Christ has come in the flesh, they are Not of Christ Jesus. The -[hyphens] are also awaiting their king, which will have rule over the N.W.O..
Can a fig tree bear olives [Ja.3:12]? Can a spring produce salt and fresh water? Some things never, ever, go together.


  1. Those that have eaten of bad figs will be harvested by the king of Vile.They have not been taught that their are Two Fathers.

  2. Always remeber the Key of David, and walk in it's light.Be the church of Rev.3:9.

  3. Crown of thorns,is in line with Satan attempting to have God in the flesh,and weak from fasting, to worship him; It represent submission. Satan's temporary victory allowed mankind to go free. Thank You Christ Jesus.