Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"In Spirit, and in Truth".

  Christ Jesus, Immanuel[God in flesh] came to destroy the works of the Devil. The purpose of man being born of woman[in flesh] is to be proved; we must be tested, to be proven, which Father we would serve. The worldly love train is constantly picking up riders - but so is the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.
  The works of the Devil are manifested through His kingdom, or the "four little horns", which are politics, economics, education, and religion. These are the Devil's playground. Politics and Religion are one. The Economics is debt based, and is how the wicked kingdom is financed; usually on the backs of the un-informed.
  Genesis 3:17-19 is the worldly "ground cursed". In that world is Sorrow, Thorns, Thistles, and Sweat of the brow. The world is doomed. Christ has no intentions of saving it, or the Devil. Our choice is the Kingdom of Heaven. I hear the voice of Elijah [1Kings18:21] asking us "How long will we waiver"? John the Baptist preached "Repentance". Christ taught Repentance, for the Kingdom is at hand", and still is to this very day.
  Christ Jesus exposed the religion and religious ones for 3+ yrs., and we are not to re-intangle ourselves in the world. Mark 8:38 is "this generation". Mark 9:1 addresses the when? Christ ushered in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth-which has many mansions. The Kingdom is The King, and His domain. 2Tim.2:11, if we deny Christ, He will deny us.
  Our walk is our worship - this is our Works. Christ Jesus will be the One to separate the Sheep from the goats, based on our Works. We don't need miracles, we need to repent. The Kingdom is inside of our mind[Rom.12:2]. Christ informed the women by the well[non Hebrew] that she too was invited into the Kingdom to worship, for He was seeking those to "Worship, in Spirit and Truth".

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