Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Good News.

  The ultimate Good News is that Christ Jesus is alive. He also paid in full our death sentence, on the Cross. Our assignment is to teach Repentance, and the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth. Our Work is to feed and water people, clothe and visit the sick and imprisoned, etc.
  The additional Good News is that we are living out prophecy, right this minute. Check off the "deception", which is ongoing - but will continue, to increase, as the time grows neigh. Many churches possibly misunderstood Repentance for Rapture; because that is where many of them are. It is in the new bibles.
  Christ stated in Matt.24:6,7 about wars and rumours of war: war is big business for the descendants of Cain. Nations need a war machine to protect themselves from other Dictators - especially those that force other nations to use "credit money". "Nation rising against nation" is usually civil war. A house divided can Not stand. Unless the Lord build the house...Psalms 127:1. The cause of war = James 4:1,2 = greed.
  War, and armed conflict, between two nations. This is ongoing in America today. The two nations, or kingdoms are the same from the Garden; its between the two Trees and their descendants. The Kingdom of Heaven, and the kingdom of darkness. It starts with individuals, then families, across the nation. Because copies are so good, we are required to "look at the fruit that is being produced". We must learn to look and listen without our eyes and ears = it is discernment.
  The "torment" and "war against the Saints", I feel right now. Satan is in charge of religion and politics, and it is painful to watch His playground. Ephes. 6 is a reminder to gear-up daily, and to STAND; this where the battle lines are drawn. The Word [Written and Spoken] is alive = that is More Good News.

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  1. The rapture is an event that is made up by the people that produce new bibles[copyright],that will lead many to be harvested by the Santachrist.The image of Dan.2 is about to collapse into Rev.13; A one world political system.The only thing we carry from time into eternity, is our works.Whose kingdom are we working on?