Monday, June 24, 2013

"No man shall save thee."

  This is a direct quote from the Lord [YHVH] in Deut28:29. Many are quite familiar with the blessing of obedience from Deut.28, but never complete the Chapter; the curses of disobedience. Where the "world"is in 2013, didn't just happen overnight - it took place over thousands of yrs.. We misread our moral compass just a couple of degrees, over time. We have been circling left, around this mountain, long enough.
  Deut.28:33 speaks of a wealth transfer; this is through usury, deception, double taxes, and ponzi schemes. The wealth is transferred, to other nations. This Fascism, supporting other Dictators [28:36]. The wicked in charge promotes DEBT - around the world [bankstas]. It truly is a yoke.
  Our Creator requires that we understand that we are being tested, in this earth age. We are going to serve/love our Lord God, or Satan. Satan represents the world through govt. and finance. Politics is Satan's playground. If we reject the Lord, we end up serving our enemies [Deut.28:47]. "No man can serve Two Masters."
  The Lord never intended for us to co-exist. The stranger that desires to dwell among us, must obey the Rules [Commandments,Laws,etc] just as we must. Christ parable of the "wheat and tares" is in play; We are to identify, mark them, and leave them alone. The other Commandment of "blind leaders"is very much the same, do Not follow them.
  The world is spiraling down, and soon will crash; and No man can save or stop it from happening. The sermon of the Santachrist and His followers will be that they can save it. The weight of the world is heavy, and a serious yoke around the necks of many. Christ in Matt.11:28 states "Come unto Me, all that labour and are heavy laden..." Christ Jesus[YHVH] is the only Answer.


  1. Jerimiah 17:5 faith or trust in man-a curse. There is No respect of person with the Lord; No man comes to the Father,but through Him period.There are no free passes. Our choices-in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth,or the world.

  2. The builders of the Tower of Babel understood each other;their language and one working with the same objectives. The "prosper" language today is unraveling and light is shinning into the dark Towers. Dan.2 the clay and iron does not mix and is fragile. The clay from the Tower is speaking up and out-it will not be long before the Tower collapses. Seek the Lord while He can be found.