Friday, June 28, 2013

Signs, of the times.

  In Matt.24:3, the disciples ask Christ three very important questions: When? A sign? The end?
These can also be found in other Gospels, and explained in further details throughout the Word. Wars and rumours of war. Civil war. Famine[for the Word]. Pestilence[economic disorder]. Earth-quakes in places most have never heard of. These are a few signs.
  Redistribution of wealth, to finance the N.W.O. is one.
King David conquest of Jebus, then cleaning it up, then re-naming it the "city of peace" is a type of what is to come. As prophesied, the city has been given over to Gentiles. There are many activities going on with the weather, such as fires, heat, earth-quakes hurricanes/tornadoes, that it is difficult to keep up with.
  We are the "fig tree generation" and are to be watch-people on the wall. The bad figs appear to be in charge - especially over the media, politics, finance, etc.. Our Lord[YHVH] has a Salvation plan for them as well. The above "horns" are mention in Dan.7:21 making war with the saints. The word 'prosper' in Dan.8:24 is progress/progressive.
  The Word doesn't pull punches in Is.32. It utilizes strong words that apply today, and will continue as labour pains. The city of peace is now occupied by Gentiles. Figs surrounded by "thorns and thistles" should be an eye opener. Luke21:24, and Rev.11:2 mentions the "times of the Gentiles". Rev.  calls this location  spiritual  Sodom and Egypt[house of bondage].
  A recent court ruling in America is encouraging marrying and giving in marriage, just as it was in Noah's day; which is a sign of the times. The state[federal govt] financing millions of babies being murdered each year; signs of the times. The plan of Salvation for the wicked: Rev.11:13.

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  1. What is more valuable than any amount of money today? Knowledge of the "Key of David", found i 1Chronicles, chapter 1, and chapter 2, which produced Christ Jesus. These times, withstanding is required, Armour[Ephes.6:11-17]. Be the church of Philadelphia[Rev.3:7-10].