Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Strong Man".

  A Strong Man can be any man. The Strong Man is the Satan himself. He pretends that he was not present in the Garden, or that our Father did not curse him out - but it happen. The ignorant ones would have us believe that all three received curses; it was o n l y Satan.
  The Strong Man is mention in Matt.12:29, but to understand which one, establish context - which is Matt.12:25-29. This one beguiled Adam and Eve and took their authority. He is the king of the world. He is god. He is harmless to those with understanding from our Lord[YHVH], and those on earth in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  People are frustrated when they do not know, or practice God's plane. The world is completely full of deception. If one ask where is the deception, then they should consider themselves, in the middle of it. Listen to the prayers of leaders and we can immediately discern Whom, they have been spending time with.
  The Strong Man needs to keep his hands hidden. His children[Kenites] are quite active right now[fig tree generation], and they beguile, just as taught by their father. Most only see the symptoms and never i.d. the one in the shadows. Nations begin walking crooked, the moment, that they reject our Creator. Then Immorality and debasement of currency follows. All of a sudden, everything is centered around DEBT.
  Christ in John 17[The greatest prayer] is stated "I pray for them, not for the world. I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from evil". This evil is the evil one, aka, Strong Man. Mark 3:27 is the word "except". The world is the Strong Man's house; it is us who are to bind, enter into, and spoil his goods. We are a strong man that has authority to be the spoiler, on earth during this time.

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