Sunday, June 2, 2013

The deadly wound? No.

  On the front of the I.R.S. building, reads: Taxes are what we pay, for a civilized society. The Greek word for politics is civil, civility, of the state. The state is Fascism. Americans or Congress has no say on taxes coming in, or being spent. Quite the opposite of a Constitutional Republic is being applied in America - and has been ongoing for 100 yrs.
  Recently it has come to light that the I.R.S. has a political agenda. This is how Fascism is financed - around the world. I believe that the organization should be abolished, and replaced with a flat tax. Shining the light on the I.R.S. is quite damaging; a very serious wound.
  A serious, but not deadly wound, that is spoken of in Rev.13. That deadly wound is to the "one world political system", which will require that the Satan Himself come to repair. Taxes from America are spread all over the world, often for some wicked reasons. They are the collections for Central Bankers. the fractional reserve banking system issues credit and debt - we pay that bill in real money.
  The good news is, these are "labour pains" and should not be a surprise to Saints. Christ said learn the parable of the fig tree; we are living in the fig tree generation. The gist is that there were Two Trees in the Garden. Jer.24 shows Two baskets of Figs. Christ cursed a fig tree that had time to repent and produce good fruit. Matt. 7:13-20 explains the who, and how to know the difference in the fig trees.
  The light allows us to see that there are Not Three Branches of govt. in America; Due to a lack of cultivation, weeds and vines have taken over. Look at the bad figs in leadership, or that control politics, and religion; or the economics that finance the other two. All of the vines/weeds in the form of federal agencies, that come under the Executive Branch are illegitimate and should be up-rooted. A serious shaking is about to take place in the economics of the kingdom of darkness.

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