Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Mountain Top.

  The Lord [YHVH] often met with His people on Mountain tops; not for His benefit, but for the people. Eagles see things differently than a turkey. Moses had many Mountain meetings with the Lord. He was also present on the Mountain of Transfiguration. In time, we are connected to the ground, but we need a view of what is going on.
  A Mountain view, is a Kingdom view. It is the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. One must be in a Right-standing relationship with the Lord to enter in; "No man can enter, but by Me"- Christ Jesus[YHVH]. This prophecy that we are living right now; a time of "trouble" that will continue as labour pains. The pain[fire] will increase in intensity, and time in between will decrease.
  Dr.M.L.King spoke of having been to the Mountain top and God allowing him to look. The Three Disciples were allowed to look. The Lord is allowing many others to see the view from the top. The Lord is fully in control. We were promised, no water, but fire next time. It is the little fire that refines some, and test the character of some. The fire will destroy things of the world, and drive people to Salvation through Christ Jesus.
  Tribulation = distress or suffering from oppression or persecution. to crow, afflict, pressure, anguish, burdened, persecution; this is fire. The Answer: Christ Jesus. Deut.4:30.
1Peter1:7, and 1Peter4:12 has sound revelation and direction.
  Christ states in John 16:33 The "peace" is in the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. Trouble[tribulation] for the world. Christ has overcome the world/Satan. Believers are overcomers through Christ. The Satan, and his world is full of trouble and will be destroyed - judgement has been pronounced, and will be carried out.

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  1. People like G.B. can copy the original,but the copy is not real;we were warned of false saviours. No man can take another to the Mountain top-only the Lord.2John7-10 Groups with a form of godlyness that will not confess that Christ has come in the flesh,are deceivers,and have Not God.We are Not to receive such into our homes[tv/radio],neither bid them God speed.