Sunday, July 21, 2013

A State of Mourning.

  Prov. 29:2 states When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: But when the wicked bear[eth] rule, the people mourn. What the entire world is mourning today, is a manifestation of what has been going on in secret - for over 100 years. The King James shows us cycles of people crying out to the Lord for deliverance, then later rejecting the Lord.
  People Mourn in different ways; what they all have in common is, what inside the heart[mind] will come out of their mouth; "From the heart, the mouth speaks." How is this Mourning expressed? Through complaining, and blaming. The miss-leaders set the tone in whining and blaming everyone and the system, but never themselves.
  We have witness countries around the world suffer from economic problems, with many going bankrupt. This past week, one of the largest cities, to file bankruptcy is in America. It took 100 years to manifest what the wicked had done in private. B. Rothschild stated "give me control of the money, and I care not who writes their laws." Their system is credit and debts; then financing their wicked people[communist pyros] and suckering the people into a high life. Worry about the tab later.
  The same "bad figs" that destroyed the one city is in the process of destroying a Nation, from within. They know that funny-money doesn't last for long, and people will eventually realize that taxes are financing the wicked expansion of the N.W.O. As they crash Cities, and Nations, they have an ultimate goal[answers] of Rev.13:3 = All the world wondered after the beast. This the One world Political System.
  Mourning should have brakes or cycles; we should not be in a chronic state of Mourning as we currently are in. The wicked pyros keep starting fires so they can give their vile answers to advance their wickedness. The media is to support the truth, but have ALL turn to Tabloid Journalism.
Time has sped up, and it appears that we are bombed with mess. These times are real, and we are to be Watchmen[no gender] on the wall, and discern the times.


  1. As Watchmen, we have work to do. Intercede on behalf of the people. Mourn for them on the front side of trouble, not after death. Death should be a time of rejoicing-if their name is in the Book of Life. Who mourned after the Flood of Noah's time? Or Sodom and Gomorrah? What about the Tower of Babel? Chicago, and Detroit have rejected the Lord, and they will not be Mourned after the fact. These are but a few, of many to come. Grace and Mercy to the people.

  2. In 1913 leaders that spoke against the Federal Reserves and the, were met with the claim of "conspiracy." Again in the 1030s under Dictator F.D.R. and all of the Communist policies of 'rights' from the god called govt.; we all see the manifestations-now called HISTORY. The truth is met with Skepticism, then Ridicule, then Hostility; It is accepted as fact, when it manifest itself. Credit, debt, collapse, is the plan for the N.W.O.. Outside of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, there is little Rejoicing going on.