Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Add, Subtract, Divide.

  Only a Sovereign God is authorized to create, destroy, and divide people. All others are pretenders and fake. The Lord spoke everything, that is, into being; He allows increase in the for of fruit, and all have an expiration date. He also separates the good from the bad. He is the Potter, and we are the clay.
  God's instructions to the 6th. day creation, was to be "fruitful, multiply, have dominion". The dominion was over things, and animals - not other people. Those that get involved with idols have a ruff time in life, and often, divide themselves from others. Those that intentionally desire to subdue, and have dominion over others, are wicked, and serve another god.
  The wicked will attempt to divide and conquer, but will be divided by Christ. The day will come when "Christ will separate the Sheep from the goats." Christ also states that people believe that He came to bring peace on the earth; no, but a sword. All individual, all who do Not put Him first will face division - on every level.
  God [YHVH] expects us to emulate Him. We are to know that He expect increase from our lives. We start with knowing and having a fidelity relationship with our Creator. Teaching our children to copy us. Insure that this inheritance is passed to our grandchildren.
  The sword that Christ speaks of in Luke 12:51 is His Mouth - He doesn't have to curse, just turn away; this can be seen in many places around the world that are on fire. Look at the Middle East, as well as Chicago, IL. Unless the Lord builds, they that labor, labor in vain - God is totally, in charge.

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  1. Life is so much easier when we know and follow the Lord Jehovah's plan. We must separate ourselves from those that are intent, on walking contrary, to the Word of God. Our tree must be good, to bare good fruit, and multiply.