Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God given Vs. man made !

  Over the past 10-12 years, the Courts have been under much scrutiny, and rightfully so. It appears that Courts are walking crooked and practicing their own rules, as they go along. However we were warned, not, to put our faith or trust in man, because it always ends bad.
  Jer. 17:5 states Cursed is the man or woman that puts their faith in man. Psalms 1:1 states blessed is the man or woman that walks NOT in the counsel of the ungodly. Christ Jesus in many Scripture, advises us to steer clear of the Courts; settle your differences quickly. Christ exposed the Pharisees Scribes, Priest, and Lawyers as fakes - for us to see and recognize today.
  Listen to how Judges think [Luke 18:26];"I fear not God, nor regard man." From the lower, to the highest Court was established in Ex.18:14-27. Who were these Judges? Deut. 17:14,15 states they were of the Tribe of Levi = Priest. If Courts were practicing Mosaic Law in Immanuel's day, there would not have been any problems; there were many problems, resulting in murders.
  Lawyers and Judges have sworn an oath to Another-Christ, and another Law. These are the modern day Magicians of Pharaoh and Babylon's day. They attempt to replace the Laws of the Creator, with man-made rights. There man-made rules are also known as the "traditions of men", and leads to Idol worship.
  Christ Jesus is in control, period. Daniel 4:10-17 explains the Lord's [YHVH] intent is the living may know the Most High ruleth  in the kingdom of men and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth  up it the BASEST of men. Listen and follow Christ Jesus - Stay Free, my Friends.



  1. Judges are the new High Priest. People are flat out wrong to believe that the Courts follow Mosaic Law, or even U.S.C. Law; They establish precedence going forward from 1938. They essentially make Laws.

  2. Basest of Men = low, humiliated of condition or spirit. These are despicable leaders. "Labor pains" are in play concerning them; they continue to get worse in intensity, as time decreases between them. During this "Fig Tree Generation" that we are Now in, some of the most vile people from two earth ages, are present right now. Time has sped up.