Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Many will come in My Name."

  The warning of Christ Jesus, Immanuel, YHVH: from Matt.24:5, and Mark 13:6. "Many shall come in My Name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." I do not believe that this is connected to Jeremiah 23:21, which is concerning fake prophets. Christ is warning about a specific time - the fig tree generation. We are living in it, which began in 1948.
  "I am Christ". Christ = Saviour, Salvation, Deliverer, Anointed. Through the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil, who has taken on the prophetic role? Governments. Satan has been given authority to bless His own, and this is exactly what He does - using greedy politicians. Politics is Satan's playground; and politics allows Santa-Christ to bless other greedy or  uninformed people from the treasury.
  The "My Name" confuses those that are not watchmen or watchwomen, who are to always have their Spiritual flash lights on. We must look for the application, not the word. When politicians run for office, they promise everything, including the kitchen sink. What ever the numbers[polls] desire, they promise. Politicians and Government have more power than Pastors.
  The fake Christ are a valuable appointment clock. They move the system [NWO] forward to a One world Political System [Rev.13] which set the stage for The Santa-Christ Himself to appear on earth; He will be super-natural and have all of the world's answers. He will have five months to deceive the world.
  The heat is being turned up on the world; but those inside the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, can take it. Watch those that have the answers and solutions to problems, that their doctrines have created. Another stump[media] sermon that they preach is rights, fairness, equality, redistribution, etc.. Their vile promises are connected to stuff, and point the recipiants to a man, Vs. Christ Jesus. 

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