Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No justice, No peace.

  I am sadden by Christians, Gospel D.Js. and Churches that have adopted this chant. We are the ones that should be explaining "Know Justice [Christ Jesus], and have peace." Crisis generate opportunities for the Gospel; we must not point the uninformed to a man, but to The Man.
  The Gospel of John 3:3-8, explains a "re-birth" while in time, on the earth; it is a two-step process. #1. We must understand that to be  legally  in time, innocent of the 1st. earth age, with the purpose of choosing to serve/love our Creator, or Satan: we ALL must come through the "bag of water" of a woman. #2. One must be born of the Spirit, to see the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth. This is the King, and His domain - "In My Father's House are many mansions; if it were not true, I would have told you." One must have Spiritual revelation, of Who Christ Jesus is.
  Rom.12:1,2 gives additional details and our responsibilities. Christ states that we are Not to follow "blind leaders, of the blind." We are to identify the "Wheat from the Tares, and leave the Tares alone." We are to "mark" those that are intent on walking contrary to the Word of the Lord - which is law. The world allows the print and microphones to say any, and everything, except the Truth.
  Christ has already instructed us to steer clear of the Courts and Attorneys; they have taken an oath, in secret, to "Another Christ." We are to resolve our disputes quickly, or receive injustice from the worldly system.
  When crisis come upon us, it reveals character. From the heart[mind] the mouth speaks; listen to what so-called Christians are saying; it is no wonder that the world is on sinking sand, and the world is not taking Christians serious. Idol worship is forbidden, and we must repent for making or allowing worship of Lil g [govt.]. There is no Justice, without Christ Jesus. There is no Peace, without the King of Peace.

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