Monday, July 15, 2013

The Heat is On.

  The world of the wicked was destroyed by water, during Noah's time. The cause can be read in Gen.6; The Lord spoke that never again by water, but the next time by fire. The rainbow in the sky is for us to remember the promise. We are living towards the end of the second [ 2nd.] earth age, and time, has sped up.
  A part of the Lord's [YHVH] plan is to have some of the most wicked, on the earth, right now. Ephes.6 speaks of "withstanding, and to stand" as a part of our daily gear - which is a must for our assignment. The entire world is in trouble; but we are to invoke peace. We that are in a right-standing relationship with our Creator should know that He is Not upset with us.
  "When the righteous are in[increased] authority[Prov.29:2], the people rejoice: b u t, when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn." It has been approximately 100 yrs. of mourning around the world. These are labor  pains; the trouble intensifies, and the time between decreases.
  Liquor is proved with fire - and so are we. The trouble in this earth age is fire. It requires us to choose our Fathers, and work; there are Two Fathers, which are the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. The followers of Christ are tried and refined by fire; the others are in jeopardy of being consumed by fire.
  Christ stated that He must be put first in our lives. Those that do not put Him first will deal with division[Luke12:51-53]; beginning with themselves[double-minded],their families, and their nation. Christ is the One that is turning up the heat. His plan of Salvation includes some ruff characters and will continue until His appointed time. The Amour allows us to withstand, just as the three Hebrews did in the fire.

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  1. Division, is a sign, of the times[Luke12:56]. It is on all levels. All have their own opinions, and the Truth is ignored. The Lord confused the language at the Tower of Babel which was a Communist, city, and division prevailed. The point? The Lord[YHVH] is totally in control.