Monday, August 5, 2013


  Horns are symbols of strength. The Word is full of symbols, and parables. In order to quickly dis-spell or destroy conspiracies-look at history, which can not lie. "There is nothing new, under the sun." God[YHVH] has always employed simple things, to confound those that think that they are wise. God has a plan, a purpose, and He is in charge.
  Horns is first seen in Gen.22:13. Abram was to sacrifice unto the Lord, his son Isaac; the promise of Christ would come from this seed-line. In the process of carrying out the test, the Lord stopped Abram, then provided a Ram[he goat], entangled by his Horns. This incident took place "in the land of Mo-ri'ah[Gen.22:2]."
  This appears to be the same spot of Solomon's Temple[2Chron.3:1]. There is much activity going on today in all of the places that Abrams/Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel touched, with the soles of their feet. The entire region appears to be on fire - with supernatural help from the Power of Darkness. The people are "swarming" just as Prophets said it would.
  The "Time of the Gentile" in the Middle East, is now. This is the "Fig Tree Generation". The Four Horns of Scripture; Political, Economics, Education, Religion. The economic king, or kingdom, supports/finance the politics, and are one. Education and Religion are one. The objective is the N.W.O.. Who can make war against them, or who can stop them??
  God's plan of Salvation is under-way. When the time is right, some will be Saved, others will become the Ram-caught in the self inflicted "thickets", by what they think is their strength. All who have justified the wicked, and condemned the just are in serious trouble as well. The time of "Whosoever will" is growing neigh.


  1. There is a swarm going on across the Middle East. The Kingdom of Israel was scattered before Christ: Christ Jesus established a New Kingdom, which is to spread out across the globe. Jacob was a Person, not a Place. The Children of Ishmael know that Sarah is Not their mother, and Tares are on the land.

  2. Headlines across the West, read, diplomatic offices across the M.E. are closing for a week, because of threats. This is to overshadow violations of peoples privacy that have leaked out, around the world. It has become an electronic plantation - justified by fear, and security. The wicked just can Not put the gasoline and the matches down. Their tower of Babel is top-heavy, and once again, will collapse.