Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ONE? No, half !!!

  The above title is confusing-by design.  It is in reference to something wicked, and complicated. Politics is a good example of something that Saints of the Most High, should stay clear of; it is the Devil's playground. People should be encouraged in this "age of knowledge"[not good] to read, research, and go deeper on all subjects. Often times, the wicked are hidden, in plain sight.
  Imagine two Dung Beetles discussing a valuable pie to be shared. One Beetles paints his part red. The other Beetle paint his half blue. They fail to realize, no matter their choice, half, nor color changes the contents. Politics is hidden in plain sight.
  Politicians are Dung Beetles. Centralized govt. is their pie. The Establishment are looking out for the system, not the people. They are only interested in gaining and holding power-and pushing the N.W.O. agenda. They require respect, but refuse to respect the people. These and the media, are masters of Disinformation which is the opposite of what our Founders had in mine; they new that Information was important for freedom.
  A lack of Information creates Serfdom. As some become informed, additional subjects must be imported[amnesty] in to support their wicked system. The descendants of Cain can Not farm-they must control others to do it for them.
  When it comes to certain things, we must see through the glimmer and know that it all equals the same, no matter what size  the Pie is. Dung Beetles specializes in making things into something else-the contents are the same. Politics is of the State. Red, or Blue, it is ONE.


  1. I'm picking on Politics for good reasons: Rev. 13 has a one world Political system, leader-then comes the one world Religious leader[Santa-Christ]. The world is prepared to receive it's own. The Anti-Christ system, is upon us.

  2. The deception of Serfdom is to convince people that they have a voice and a vote, to keep them producing. The system is working off of the backs of the Uninformed. The inform steers clear of Politics, Debts and Credit; that requires fresh legs to keep the Fascism going.
    All RIGHTS come from the Lord, period. Man can only issue bondage.