Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peace, peace !

  Headlines today: "NSA reportedly, tracks all, web data. This includes chats, history, and emails."
"New documents show range of potential access to NSA phone records." What meanest thou? To the simple, this means safety and peace. To the Watchman this means the world is aligning itself for the wicked sermons of "Peace."
  There are all kinds of high tech. gadgets that monitor [data mining] and gather information on us, all of the time. Some buy into the, we must give up something for Security,  to be Safe, and to Prosper. Today this lines up with Daniel 12:4-"Many shall run to and fro[apostatize], and Knowledge[calamities, or wickedness] shall be increased." This knowledge is from the Tree of Knowledge.
  Dan.8:25 mentions Peace. This one deceives people into a comfy zone, believing all is quiet, and all are prosperous, yet it leads to decay, corruption, perversion, and morally bankruptcy. This able to take place because miss-education from Religion, and Education. They have been using New Books, and New Bibles for a while now.
  The Peace mention in 1Thes.5:3 = a state of national tranquility; exempt from war.
The NWO consist of 1st. a One World Political System[Rev.13], which means no war. This creates the platform for the Santa-Christ. His sermons will continue with Peace, and Safety for 5 months.
  The 'pyros' are setting fires around the world, and just happen to be standing by with the answers to the world's problems. All that they have to offer, is fake. These sermons of Peace are clear indications of labor pains and what is over the horizon. True Peace[Shalom], is completeness, soundness, safety, prosperity, contentment, and without war; This will not happen without Christ Jesus, now, and in the future.


  1. Peace is a sermon that allows us to see with understanding, that prophecy, is marching on. When the Peace of the world is complete, then "sudden destruction cometh upon them..." We are living in the "fig tree generation", time has sped up.

  2. The idol worshippers, are ready to receive, their king.

  3. Prov.17:5 He that justify the wicked, and he that condemn the just, both are an abomination to the Lord. Whistle-blowers should be commended, but are disrespected and hunted like animals. Many have sworn an oath to God and Country-not to man, or state. Watchmen know and are sounding the alarm, that the enemy, is on the inside of the camp. "Support and Defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies, both ... and domestic. Apostasy Now; New Books, and New Bibles-the simple know not up, from down.