Sunday, August 25, 2013

System of Cain.

  The Anti-Christ system is upon us. The table has been set for the Santa-Christ Himself to return for His 5 month reign. For the Lord's[YHVH] watchmen/women, this is a time of little trouble or tribulation for us; knowing the Truth, yet having to endure the false teachers, preachers, and fake prophets etc.. The appointed clock, reads: Deception is everywhere.
  Lucifer/Satan has always been greedy, rebellious, and desiring of others worship. He fathered Cain who took on the traits of his father and added murder to their list of undesirable wicked choices. Cain's descendants are Kenites, which are a Tribe, but they are spreading their System around the world, and preparing for their father and king to return and rule.
  The System is found in Politics, Economies, Education, and Religion. The churches that follow Cain's System are easy to spot; pay attention to what is being taught - look at their fruit. What took place in the Garden would be X-rated even today; but the System will not allow the truth to be taught. Cain = the oldest son of Adam and Eve: No.
  Many churches have gone Pagan. They practice Paganism. They follow after the descendants[Gentiles] of the Tribe of Kenites; and even have  replaced the entire 12 Tribes, or Sons of Jacob, with one Tribe of Non-Believers. Gentile = Not of the House of Jacob.
  What is more valuable than 16.7 Trillion dollars[America's National debt]? That is 16,000000000000: Knowing the "Key of David." Churches can not tell the truth concerning Cain's children, because they are right in the middle of the deception. Santa-Christ comes first, then the Real Christ. The world is on fire right now but is being ignored, to support the System of Cain.


  1. The Key of David is very valuable. Rev.2:9, and 3:9 had the Key, because they had been taught-there is not much teaching going on today. One can look upon himself as being poor, but, if the Key od David, is in your possession, the Lord looks upon this person as RICH. The Lord has "locked" and no man can "unlock." $$$ 1Chron.1,and 2. Gen.49. Matt.1. Luke 3, and many other places in the Word of the Lord[YHVH].

  2. Death[Satan] and Life[Christ Jesus]are in the tongue; they that love it, shall eat the fruit there of. Love what? Eat what? Speak and love Christ Jesus, then eat the good Fruit; just saying.

  3. Guard the Mercy Seat? Satan required the Seat: Cain, was shown how to present His offering before the Lord, but refused; then turn to His father, who was standing by to receive Him. The sad part? The churches are taught the Cain's System of tithing today. Little 'g' [government]is the idol that gets the worship, and the tithe.
    Cain's System is prevailing in discerning the times; but church folk do not realize the trouble, or how late in the game it really is, or that the Santa-Christ comes first[6 trump].