Monday, August 12, 2013

The American Dream !

  The ..... Dream can be replaced by what ever Nation that the reader desires. Over the past week, their have been two articles concerning this Dream; what is it, and is it still alive?? In my opinion, this man-made Dream, is a nightmare-with assistance that is supernatural.
  Throughout history, we have a small group of like-minded individuals, that believes in their dark hearts, that they know what is best for their little world. They centralize, corrupt, and can Not be satisfied with their accomplishments-because of greed. Our Creator[YHVH] never intended for mankind to have dominion, over others.
  The Dream is planted. It goes backwards to the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden. It continues on with the temptation of Christ, by the same Tree. It is rooted in worship. The Dream is connected to Idol worship. Over the past 2,000 years, those pushing the Dream, are "Bad Figs", or "Tares"; same group, different name.
  A search of the Dream shows some familiar names; fairness, equality, victimization etc. The Tree of Knowledge requires people to know that there is more. But through the world and "misinformation", the words and promises means just the opposite. All of the 'rights' of the world equals bondage. A collective Dream, can Not be good.
  The Word teaches that every good and perfect gift, comes from above. The Lord knows our needs before we ask. All of us in time, are here on assignment; the things of the world are a trap and a diversion. Our souls came into time with us, and will return to the Creator when our time is up; at that point, only our Salvation, and Works will transfer into eternity-Not Dreams, or Things.


  1. Man-made Dreams are Santa-Christ's playground. This is His way around being obedient to the Will and the Word of Jehovah.

  2. 1Tim.6:7 For we brought no - thing into this world, and it is certain, we can carry no - thing out.
    Only what will last, is a true value; the world will burn, along with the lust of the flesh.