Sunday, August 18, 2013

Way, Truth, Life.

  The title is taken from  the scripture, spoken of by Christ Jesus in Jn.14:6. "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." The Gospel of Jn.1st chapter explains exactly who this Me is. Let us chew on  this scripture.
  Way = a verb. to turn, turn about, turn over, turn around. To be reversed. To transform oneself. To change. First used in Gen.3:24 after shutting the Garden, to keep the Way of the Tree of Life. Prov.6:23......the Way of life. Matt.7:13,14 speaks of the Way of the straight or Wide gate.
  Truth = firmness, faithfulness, sureness, reliability, stability, divine instruction, ethical knowledge.
First used in Gen.24:27. Truth is a "key" of the Lord that He gives to some; it can not be changed. An example is the "key" of David. Another is the "keys" to the kingdom, of heaven, on earth. The "key" locks it into place-if it is closed, no man can open it, or if open, no man can close it.
Matt.14:33 of Truth, Thou art the Son of God. With divine revelation, this Truth can not be changed.
  Life  =  living, alive; this is natural or in the flesh; represented by heartbeat, and breathing.
Life was first used in Gen.2:27 God breathed into the nostrils, the breath of Life, and man became a living soul. Man has a spirit living in the core of our brain. The soul = self, mind, being, emotion-the inner being of man.
  When Christ[YHVH] came, He brought Grace and Truth with Him. True worshippers must worship in Spirit and Truth. The power of Life and death[Satan] are in the tongue; they that love it[either one] shall eat the fruit thereof [Prov.18:21].


  1. Life in the physical is a test; it is a short time compared to eternity. Our spirits were all created at the same time. For some, the expiration date will be after the 1,000 year reign of Christ Jesus - on earth. One looking through physical eyes, can only see so much-looking with spiritual eyes, is unlimited. The spiritual world consist of so much more than what is seen, touched, smelled, or tasted; but it is all found in Christ Jesus.

  2. No matter where we are, our world is on fire-just as with the Three Hebrew young men. Time has sped up. Things, people, and places are quickly changing. The age of GRACE is coming to an end. Christ Jesus is standing nearby to be Lord of lives-we can not get around Him.