Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where is the modern day Jeremiah?

  Jeremiah the Prophet, aka the weeping Prophet was a great servant of, and to the Lord[YHVH]. The Lord fore-knew him, before he was in his mother's womb. He was faithful, and spoke the Word of the Lord. He also interceded on behalf of the people, and weep for the hardheaded people.
  During Jeremiah's time, there were many false teachers, preachers, prophets, and priest; just as we have today. As Jeremiah spoke out against iniquity in the land, the fake ones spoke against the Prophet, and the Word of the Lord. There was much violence in the land-and it would continue to get worse, mainly because of idol worship. The fake ones preached "peace, peace."
  Ecclesiastes states that there in Not anything new under the sun; for good reasons, the entire Book of Jeremiah is quite relevant today. A sword was to come against the House of Israel; it was inside the House, and war made from the outside. But the fake sermons were of "peace." The people were mislead into idol worship, murder, etc.  then would show up at the temple to hear lies.
  In 2013 if one desires radio, television, or Internet time, they must work around the world of the enemy: that controls the air. If the truth doesn't line up-it gets yanked. The same with politics. We also see in Jeremiah that many fake ones died early. The "bad figs" went to Jerusalem vs. captivity-and many remain there today*.
  The fake ones were harden hearted and difficult in hearing-or they simply did not believe the Word of the Lord. The world is on fire - it is judgment. The trouble will intensify until the Santa-Christ will come with His sermon of  - "peace." The fake ones of today refuse to see or recognize the season change; judgment, has been pronounced.


  1. * There were "bad figs"[Kenite tribe] that was hanging around the House of Israel[12 Tribes];until it was coming to pass of the captivity. This group fled to Jerusalem and many remain there today.

  2. Modern day Jeremiah? Pastors can Not touch the Book of Jeremiah, because it is speaking against them. Jer.10:21 refers to Pastors as being "brutish." These fake leaders are drum-majors that keep the band playing, while there is fire all around the world.

  3. A great song/prayer: Hear my prayer oh Lord[Psalms86:6] and Fred Hammond with the Radical for Christ, on the Inner Court c.d.