Thursday, August 15, 2013


  Christ Jesus, Immanuel, quite often employed this word when speaking to people. It is in the Word, too often for quotes. "Whosoever" = who, which, what, that, each, every, any, all, no Exemptions!
The wicked, world leaders were in ear range when Christ used this word, and knew that it included them-that is why they required His death.
  Whosoever will to be saved, let them come. Does that include those currently doing the dirty-work of Satan? Yes; Repent, then come over to the winning team. Someone is doing the dirty-work that is actively moving the world to receive their king. It not to late; you are a "Whosoever" as long as there is time on the clock of life, in time.
  It matters not if one is a part of the NSA, IRS, The Trilateral Commission, World Council of Churches, or The Council of Foreign Relations - you are a "Whosoever." People will not be able to hide behind Foundations much longer.
  Christ identified the leaders of the world, for us. He busted them in broad open, daylight. The same players have been allowed to be in charge of the world-this is Their Generation. They "walk in darkness." Many "Whosoever" were saved during Immanuel's Day, and we must continue in saving as many as possible from the fire.
  "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, No man comes to the Father, but by Me." 1John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, hath Not the Father, period.


  1. The wicked employ centralized govt. as god. Those in power become little Santa-Christ based off of debts, and credits.
    For Fascism to exist it requires partners in crime - the willing private sector; many of which share the global agenda. And ESTABLISHEMENT leaders[party matters not].

  2. The wicked through Education, and Religion[one] have attempted to change the rules of right and wrong.Matt.5:17 says no to the Rule changes. The definition of sin, is a transgression of the LAW[1John3:4]Fake law-makers, or Fake judges can Not change the Law.
    Christ has always been the Answer. Repent, and accept Christ as Lord, over all, including death.