Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"5 seconds."

  Christ Jesus ask His disciples, "Who do men say that I Am?"
Then Christ drove right down their street, and ask "Who do you, say that I Am?"
Peter's response - You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God; took lest than "5 seconds."
I Am is YHVH, and with the vowels added = Jehovah.
  The foundation of a church, individually or collectively should be what Christ said it should be. The foundation of Christ Followers, is Christ. One must have a revelation from the Holy Spirit to know Who Christ is. Over the years, many who do Not believe in Christ Jesus, are writing church doctrines. Faithful members do Not have a clue what their leaders or the church-house believes in.
  Ask the average person about doctrine, and it results in puzzlement. Ask the leaders, and they ramble as if one part will stick as correct. With Christ as the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, there should Not be confusion between our "walk", and the world.
  Quick, pastor, in 5 seconds, what is your doctrine? My doctrine is Christ Jesus, period. I believe, and walk for Him. I conduct myself through Him. Christ is all-and that is enough for me. On the other side of the coin, is leaders that are practicing the "Traditions of men", which leads back to the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil.
  Peter answered correctly - and received a Blessing from the Most High; Our doctrine, should be Christ's Doctrine, otherwise we may be in serious trouble. We are instructed to teach Repentance, and the Kingdom of Heaven, is here on earth right now. The difference between a Blessing or condemnation, could be "5" seconds.



  1. Many know more about the world, than their Spiritual lives. We must stand for something! We must have intimate knowledge about what it is, that we believe in. As a first hand witness, we should be able to relate, quickly and concisely, our Beliefs. 5 seconds is enough.

  2. Many people in a Christian Nation, can not say pieces of the Ten Commandments, or explain the Passover. We must keep our minds trained on Christ Jesus, and live with purpose. Keep our minds in gear.