Sunday, September 8, 2013


  The divorce rate in the church is the same as the world-for a reason. The church has accepted the ways of the world, with equal results. The world was not the intentions for marriage, when the Lord[YHVH] created marriage.
  The man Adam[8th. day formation] was self contained, and complete; but, only for one[1] generation. In order to re-produce another one, He needed a "help-mate." The Lord took DNA[Gen.2:21] from the Man Adam and put it into another one that could carry a fetus, or with a womb = female, or woman. Mother Eve is a life-giver of the Hebrews, and ultimately, Christ Jesus.
  Gen.2:24 states, a Commandment, for men in relationship to their help-mates. The Lord is looking for "reproduction", which is adding; Divorce is subtraction. Divorce = to drive out from a possession, drive away, expel, put away. It is breaking a blood covenant and a vow, which is our word.
  The Lord dislikes divorce because the foundation for society, is family. The breakdown of family is the canary in the coal-mine that danger is at hand. The Lord is looking for multiplication to replenish the earth with Godly people. Christ called the servant that buried his talent wicked.
  Divorce is not good. The 'state' allows it for any reason-The Lord doesn't. Anything to do with politics, political, politically correctness is of the 'state' and should Not be allowed inside the church, or marriage. We are the Bride of Christ and are to remain a virgin to only the True, and Living God; No idol worship is acceptable, period.


  1. A righteous man leaves an inheritance to his children's, children. Only a wicked system would interfere with the Wisdom of the Lord, and His divine purpose. No-fault divorce is acceptable, only in the world.

  2. 23 chromosomes from each parent with each of the 46 being important; the mother determines the ETHNICITY. Most are familiar with Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, and Joseph the Dad of Christ-but it was the mothers that determine very important characteristics that are involved in Christ's followers today.

  3. Christ mentions a "strongman" which is determine by the context as good or bad; he first must be subdued before victimization occurs. The attack on men is a must in order to spoil the women and children. The feminization of society is a subtraction, of men.