Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nothing New....

  The Word states that there is Not anything new under the sun. The information that Immanuel spoke, was news; 2,000 years later as it comes to life, it is accurate prophecy. People that are praying off of their five [5] senses, are praying stale prayers. We are Not of the world, but should know how to operate, in it. History is important.
  During this "fig tree" period, it is extremely important for women to keep their head covered with Christ Jesus. The Owner's Manuel shows how Eve got into trouble. Abraham's wife Sarah felt that she needed to assist the Lord by offering her handmaid to be the 'mother of many nations'. When things were not going well for Job, his wife advised him to curse God, and die. Lot's wife enjoyed the world so much, that it cost; her life.
  Christ Jesus mentions Noah's day[Gen.6], and Sodom: what has been, is circling back again. Women have God-given influence, and Satan, His children[Kenites] and the uninformed will attempt to once again, con women.
  Women, and especially wives must stay covered everyday. Tabloid-media is not the place for information. Do Not allow idols into your life. Nothing should come between the Lord[YHVH] and yourself. Know Gen.6, and practice Ephes.6.
  The Gospel of John states that when God came in the flesh, He brought Truth, and Grace with Him; Invoke these Two, daily. Resist the temptation, of assisting the Lord, with His work. "Have you not read? = Stay in the Operator's Manuel.

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  1. Picking on women? I am not: Satan is.
    Women have God-given influence, and it will not take much 'con' to push, or to attempt to wear the pants - which God[YHVH] never intended to happen. The many women leaders, from Judges of a nation, to Prophetess, the Lord was their covering. This is exactly what Apostle Paul was speaking of in for women, to keep their heads covered - this is Not a hat, or scarf.