Monday, September 30, 2013


  "Who do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? Of their own children, or of strangers?" This was a question ask by Christ to Peter to stimulate thought, then and now. Double-tax, inflation, debased currency, and spying on its own people; what meanest thou?
  Christ Jesus constantly expose the leaders of the world as fakes. The Pharisees, Scribes, Priest, and Lawyers were Not following the Rules, but following the "traditions of men", and involved in constant conflict with Christ. What was happening during that time, is happening today.
  The Temple fees of Ex.38 were specific; the time, the purpose, and for what, and the amount. The people that confronted Christ had it all wrong = exposing themselves. Taxes in America once was collected for a "specific" purpose, until 1913. Christ, Immanuel, born in Judah, was being treated as a STRANGER.
  Tribute Money is essentially a toll. It was a tax on Strangers[Matt.17:24]. The world leaders could Not acknowledge, recognize, or accept. This m. o. is very much 2013, around the earth. Much of the wickedness was put into motion in 1913 through 1933; many laws, or Executive orders from Dictators. One of particular interest is the "Emergency Banking Act of 1933. Wealth was confiscated once-the declaration requires the people to be the enemy of the state.
  Christ showed us how to operate amongst enemies. Recognize and acknowledge what we are discerning. Ephes.6:11-18 is an absolute requirement. Christ being treated as a Stranger, was  pre-spoken years ago. Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, should expect, no less.


  1. "Nothing new under the sun"; Christians especially should know that life, and kingdoms are always on the move. Be at peace, but do not get to comfy. The Fig Tree generation. Cain's seed is in control of the world, right now. Gear up daily with the whole armor of Christ. Dan.2 shows that iron and clay will not mix-and so it is in 2013.

  2. John 2:13 begins with who's Passover [small letters] and it is about "merchandise". Christ response then, should be our response today. But we have lived, and let live, until we are Strangers in the land that we were born.
    The birth of Christ = Merchandise[Santa]. The Lord's Passover = Merchandise[Ishtar]. Strange.