Tuesday, September 10, 2013


  Matt. 24:3 has three[3] questions of Christ Jesus, from His disciples; when, what, the end? "Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and the end of the *world? The Anti-Christ system is upon us this very moment. One mile-marker that Watchmen/women are to look for is War.
  Christ told us in Matt.24:6 that there would be "Wars, and rumors  of War". This goes with 1Sam.8:4-20; the leaders requested their own king, just as the surrounding nations had. This was, and is a "rejection" of the Lord, that comes with serious consequences. The king, or dictator forms his own private military for personal use. He confiscates private property, and controls private businesses. There will be double-taxes.
  These dictators are greedy and can Not ever be satisfied. James 4:1,2 explains where War comes from. This is diametrically opposed to the guidelines in the Word, or the U.S.C.; it states that a military is for "Common Defense".
  Matt.24:7 states "Nation shall rise against nation". This is usually to control commodities, or natural resources. The dictator confiscates his portion from the people through double-taxes, and inflation. People today are rising up because they can Not afford basic necessities.
  Mile-markers are ever present; it doesn't matter if we are paying attention, or Not, they are there. Christ Jesus referred to them as "Signs", or "Seals". The end of the *world? That is the end of the wicked world that is under the control of Satan, and many uninformed followers-it is doomed to destruction.


  1. Take a look around the Nation, of just how many people are employed by the federal govt.. The people, and political leaders are serving a System. The uninformed believe that they have a vote, and a voice, which is "deception", to keep the production high.

  2. "Commander in Chief". This title is to be worn during a legally declared war by Congress. It is used for a diversion and is a part of chronic war or threats[rumors] of war. The people are mishandled because they themselves are subjects, or enemies of the state.

  3. Over the past 250 yrs. the in nation fighting, as well as nation fighting other nations, has been about MONEY, and CURRENCY. Just who controls the currency - which starts out being backed by precious metals, then debased down, until it becomes worth-less; as with the federal reserve note, aka the dollar. More countries are dumping the dollar because they see where it is headed. The people behind the dollar are described in James 4:1,2-they are greedy, and break ALL of YHVH's thou shalt not RULES.