Monday, October 7, 2013

Daniel 2 !

  Daniel 2 explains in detail, 7 kingdoms; starting with "Nebuchadnezzar" as the first head of gold. The image of the kingdoms; gold, silver, bronze, iron, and iron and clay. The sixth one is brought about by the collapse-then repair to the system, by the Fake-Christ himself. The 7th. Kingdom will be the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior - Christ Jesus.
  Where are we right now? We are at the end of the 5th. kingdom. The "labor pains" that the world is feeling will continue to get worse, until it crashes; which is the "deadly wound". Around the world, people are feeling the same pain concerning politics, and the economy = these two are one.
  The Dictators of the world preach the same sermons; I'll set you Free, help the Poor, make it Fair and Equal, go after the wicked Rich, Peace, and Security. They have been sing the same songs for too long.
  People around the glob, are quickly realizing that the state[iron] and people[clay] are not mixing. People do Not have a voice and their vote doesn't matter. The people and the state are diametrically opposed; or worse - enemies. We are further along than most are willing to admit.
  7 Kingdoms. Revelations has 7 Trumps. The #7 comes after the #6. All of the cults that believe in the fly-away doctrine will be easy pickings for the 666 which is the Scriptures concerning Satan, in the flesh, pretending to be Christ. We are at the end of the 5th. kingdom; the 6th. one of Satan last only 5 months-time is getting nigh.

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  1. The one world political system consist of the Anti-Christ system based off of debt and greed, that allows the Word to be violated at every turn, has been upon us for 100 years-and is about to collapse. I can think of 17,000000000000$ reasons why this system, will Not last.