Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Complicated ?

  Anytime, anyone makes the statement that "It's Complicated", all listeners, should sit up straight and pay close attention. The words should be a warning to steer clear of what is to follow; especially so if it is connected to the "four hidden dynasties", aka the 4 little horns - political, economics, education, and the end-game of religion.
  When a Pastor advises the Sheep not to use certain material or to not read the Book of Revelation because "it is complicated", take heed. Or when leaders Progress past the Word of God[Elohim], or Constitutions, take heed. They attempt to replace[by-pass] what is very simple, with what is complicated for bad reasons.
  A part of the Complication is "New Books, and New Bibles" that replaces Truth, with the Traditions of Men. It is a process of miss-education. The other kingdom/dynasty is Economics. Over time, wickedness prevails and real money is forced out, and replaced with currency. Currency finances Dictatorships, wars, and greed. the system in place in 2013 is called Keynesian Economics.
  To turn the light on "Keynesian-ism", let us search out John Maynard Keynes and look at the wickedness that he was involved in. He truly was an agent of El-Satan himself. Then we have the Fractional Reserve Banking System that operates off of Credits, and Debts-search for yourself.
  What the Lord[YHVH] has done, is quite simple. Cain's children are quite complex-for bad reasons. Now is the time to know what the wicked wannabe-elites plan is and take actions yourself; It is Not Complicated.


  1. Inflation = an increase in the supply of - Currency. Money and currency are diametrically opposite each other.
    Recessions are man-made to keep the government & central banks involved.
    Inflation is a stupid tax.

  2. What has been exported over the past 70 yrs.? Dollars. Property once thought belong to the citizens, have been used for collateral, on national debt. Deut. 28:43 The stranger set up high, and lend. This is a consequence of disobedience to the Lord[YHVH]. 17,000000000000 out of thin air - repaid in real labor and real time.