Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Nothing New, 2013"

  King Solomon states that there is Not anything new under the sun [Eccl.1:9,10]. History is for us to remember and to learn from what was right, and wrong. "As long as the earth remains, there will be seed, time, and harvest." There is a time, and a season, for everything.
  Long before Daniel 2, history shows kingdoms, rising and collapsing, often because of the same cause. The Word of God [Elohim] is quite detailed in how the "House of Israel" would fall into Idol worship, then would be scattered. Kingdoms/empires rise and collapse because of wickedness. Stealing from it's own, is a sign of decline.
  The Progressive area in America brought a shift in the Branches, to the Executive, with many vines that produced agencies that fell under the Executive Branch. Then came many Executive Orders that plainly violates the U.S.C.. E.O. 6102 signed in 4/5/33 forbidding the hoarding of gold coins, bullion, and *certificates.
  The "trading with the **enemy Act" of 1917 and amended by the "Emergency Banking Act" of 1933, made it a violation that was punishable by fine up to 10,000$ or 10 yrs. imprisonment for hording gold. People were ordered to turn in the gold for 20.67; which is equivalent to 372.75[March2013].
  Wicked leaders have an insatiable appetite for control-even of other's dreams. Their American Dream is man-made; just as their Religion is. The people on the earth have an opportunity to get ahead - there is "Nothing New under the sun."


  1. During the 1930s, governments confiscated private property at an alarming rate. No one in their right mind would exchange real money [gold and silver] for an I.O.U. - unless forced to do so; by definition this is robbery. There are trillions of gold certificates that are considered as low hanging fruit for the banksters.

  2. Notes do not belong to the individual; during an collapse they will be worth pennies on the dollar; the F.D.I.C. is not on the depositors side either. Bond holders were forced to the back of the line in 2008 with G.M. Pensions are being settled in Detroit for .30 cents on the dollar. "A time and a season", protect yourself.

  3. Americans should familiarize themselves with the "Trading with the enemy Act" of 1917. It has been amended - not rescinded; We the People, are the enemy of the state.