Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Image.

In the beginning, God [Elohim] created the heavens, and the earth, period. God spoke everything into existence; He said let it be, and it was. Gen.1:26 states that mankind is made in the Image of God[Elohim], after His likeness, and to have dominion* over all.
  The Gospel of John, lets us know that Immanuel is Christ in the flesh, and is a part of Elohim, that made everything. Christ also has been present throughout the Word of God; He is the Tree of Life, Melchizedek, inside the burning bush with Moses, inside the lion's den and fire with the Hebrew young men.....
  The talking-ass in in Numbers 22 recognized Christ. The giant fish that swallowed Jonah did as well. So did the storm recognize Christ when He stated "Peace, be still." Peter recognized Christ when he was faithful enough to take money from a fish's mouth.
  Our one and only enemy in this age, has attempted to make Eunuchs or Geldings of us all: The leaders have been beguiled, and their are "new bibles, and "new books" for the little people, to keep us away from the TRUTH. We are not to know who we really are. Many are powerless, and teaches dominion, over other people = wickedness.
  Our Image - should be Christ's Image. We have dominion over animals, and over ALL of the earth. Right now even nature is groaning because it knows that there is a lack of order. We have access to God the same as the Adam did before the fall. We have power in our tongue, just as Christ did; the Angels, and nature is standing by for instructions.


  1. The power of Life, or death, is in the tongue: they that love it [either one], shall eat the fruit thereof.
    We are admonished from the Lord, to chose Life.
    Moses got into serious trouble with the Lord for "striking the rock", that he was commanded to "speak to."

  2. "Follow me, as I follow Christ"; follow - copy.
    Stay connected to the True Vine, and great works shall be done.